What I’m Reading

I have overflowing bookshelves, and an e-reader that I’m gradually filling with more and more books. I enjoy a fairly eclectic range of genres, but I do read a lot of speculative fiction – fantasy, sci-fi, urban fantasy and so on. 

I keep track of what I’m reading at Goodreads – this is what I’m currently reading, and what I’ve recently read.  Oh, and the ever-increasing list of books to read.

As I get older, my free time apparently decreases, as do the number of books I read. I read 173 books in 2007, 183 in 2008, 135 in 2009, 70 in 2010, 85 in 2011, 61 in 2012 and a mere 24 in 2013, man, parenthood screwed with my reading. Isn’t detailed record keeping fun!

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