Thing of the Week #1

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The show the husband and I are currently watching together on weeknights is “The Supersizers…”. It’s a BBC show from 2008 and 2009, and all the episodes are available on YouTube. I was introduced to the show by Genevieve Valentine’s very amusing recaps of the show, and we have watched most of the first season, alternately chuckling and saying “Oh that’s disgusting“. The premise of the show is that Giles and Sue spend a week living and eating, with a focus on eating, in a particular era – the first few episodes, by way of example, are Victorian, Wartime and Restoration eras.

The show is very nominally an educational historical show, but mostly you watch it because Giles and Sue are hilarious presenters, and because it is quite funny to see them eating (or attempting to eat) a boiled sheep’s head, pickled oysters and a variety of other disgusting things. You should watch it and enjoy feeling amused and revolted at the same time.

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