100 new recipes: part four

26/100: French Toast – from this recipe. This was such an easy breakfast – crispy delicious toast with maple syrup.

27/100: Quick Flatbreads – from this recipe. This is a very quick, fluffy flatbread – easy to get on in the late afternoon for fresh bread with dinner.

28/100: Meatloaf – from this recipe. I really liked this meatloaf and thought the method of cooking it up on a rack gave it a nice crust – however the husband prefers the meatloaf recipe in the Nourishing Traditions cookbook.

29/100: Malaysian Lamb Curry – from this recipe. This was delicious – another go-to curry recipe for me now (and another great way to use a cheap cut of lamb).

30/100: Moroccan Carrot & Chickpea Salad – from this recipe. This is quite a sweet salad, and is a lovely addition to a barbecue – given the sweetness, it would be nice to serve it along another salad with a bit of bite.

31/100: Caramelised Onion Tart – pulled together from a number of recipes online and something my brother made once. Slice three or four onions into half rings, caramelise them with fresh thyme and balsamic vinegar, spoon over squares of puff pastry with a little parmesan sprinkled on top, and bake for 20 minutes or so until the pastry is nice and crisp.

32/100: Fresh Egg Pasta – adapted from this recipe. I don’t know that fresh pasta is ever really successful without a pasta roller, or a great deal of patience, which I don’t have. This was nice, but I didn’t roll it thin enough and consequently it was a little too tough.

33/100: Braised Vegemite Lamb – loosely adapted from this recipe and a desire to make a really “Aussie” dish. I rubbed a lamb shoulder with the vegemite and molasses mixture from that recipe, seared it in a casserole dish, added onions and a bottle of Cooper’s Pale Ale, and baked it for 2 hours at 160C. I added a few chopped carrots and a can of chickpeas, then cooked for another half hour before serving with rice and salad. The vegemite marinade is beautiful – subtly salty and malted, goes wonderfully with the beer.

34 & 35/100: Chili and Cornbread – from these recipes. Wonderfully spicy and warm chili, and then the slightly overcooked (I really would like to try it without forgetting about it for 15 minutes) but otherwise deliciously crisp and cheesy cornbread on top, soaking up the chili.

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