15 months

We’ve moved into the world of toddler – Edward starting walking, suddenly, at around 14 months, and now a month later he walks and runs everywhere. Usually while shouting and smashing things.

Things I’m enjoying at 15 months:
1. Having a mobile toddler. I like walking around with him, hand in hand (although he generally prefers to charge around on his own), and watching him explore things on his own that were hard for him before he could walk. When we’re at the park, he runs towards the playground shouting “Eeeee! Eeeee!” with excitement (“Whee!”).
2. Hearing about the swimming lessons he goes to each week with his father – he can swim towards someone underwater now, and grips onto you carefully in the water without needing to be held. Watching him progress at things and learn new skills is so intensely enjoyable.
3. Watching him interact with his cousin, with whom he spends two days a week – he has a special name for her, and they press their faces tenderly together by way of greeting. Yesterday I watched her tow him off by the hand to show him something. I thought they would have to be older to have that kind of connection, and it’s lovely to see such affection between them already.
4. Finally, finally taking more pleasure and interest in eating. A few days ago he used a fork by himself for the first time, reasonably accurately, and stuffed himself with sardine and caper pasta. Perhaps I don’t have a picky child after all.

Things I’m not enjoying at 15 months:
1. Molars. Dear lord. For a while I was back to sleeping on the floor of his room for part of the night which I had very much hoped to be done with by the time he was this age.
2. Testing boundaries and the beginning of temper tantrums. Proto-tantrums. He delights in doing things that are forbidden – looking at me and laughing with excitement while grabbing for something he’s not allowed to touch. I weary of (mostly calmly) saying no. I imagine there is ever so much more of that in my future.

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