Septic tomatoes

A little forest of baby tomato plants have sprung up around our septic tank. Given that flourishing verdant patches are not the usual result of my lack of intervention regime in the garden, I am rather pleased by this. I even weeded around them. My dedication knows no bounds.

However – and despite my mother’s stern and encouraging words about the widespread use of human waste as fertiliser – I am a little leery about actually eating any of the tomatoes they produce. If you’ve ever lived with a septic tank, and the occasionally interesting smells that they produce, I’m sure you’ll understand my hesitance. But I’ll keep weeding around them. I love the way tomato plants smell when it rains.


3 thoughts on “Septic tomatoes

  1. Yeah, I’m not sure whether I’d eat them either. I mean, yay spontaneous gardens and all that, but I do understand your leery-ness.

  2. The tomatoes look wonderful – just perfick!! Don’t you remember that in Daintree we grow our bananas just near the septic tank? And what about my use of cane toad as fertilizer in the vegetable garden? – the vegies love them, we eat the vegies and ….well we’re still here! Organic home-grown tomatoes, how wonderful – have a taste, I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

  3. But the bananas are higher off the ground, Mum – and therefore, somehow less connected with the septic. I know this doesn’t make any logical sense but it does in my mind! But I will give them a try, after a good rinse, because I know you won’t let up until I do πŸ™‚

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