Some stuff I’ve come across while browsing online for Christmas present ideas. My problem is that I keep discovering stuff that I would like, and not necessarily things for the people that I’m shopping for:

– For photographers, mugs that look exactly like Canon and Nikon lenses. And the Nikon one zooms. Too cool.

– For people like me, pirate mug! And pirate iPhone/iPod case!

Squishy bowls! For people who like squishy things.

Bullet casing earrings. Or if bullets aren’t your thing, maybe an octopus cuff bracelet? Or maybe some clockwork?

– Bookmarks! Silver and personalised. Brass with a pretty dangly thing.

Wallets for tea bags? Huh. Or a wallet for guys, with a bee. I am into insects at the moment.

Messenger bag – I am also into little leather straps. And bags with birds on. And bags made of wool. And bags with red suede. And hemp bags with bows.

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