I spent part of this weekend making a website for the husband’s “band”.  I use the term loosely, because said band really consists of himself and a mate drinking beer and recording mostly improvised instrumental tunes.  Perhaps “duo” would be better, and that’s what I’ve used on the website.  But really, as I think it’s pretty much impossible for them to play any of this stuff live (there’s far too many instruments, plus with the whole alcohol and improvised thing it would be a little difficult to replicate), they probably need to be called some other term like “studio duo”.

Anyway, the site is over here – if you want to listen to some free instrumental music recorded in a shed, go and check it out.  I recommend downloading The Babking, and having a listen.  I think it’s gorgeous.  Oh, and I also love Folka Dot Tie.  Only partly because I have a writing credit on it.  I think it’s because I suggested a chord.  They’re generous with the writing credits.

The rest of the weekend was spent doing a fair bit of reading, watching trashy TV and being generally unproductive, thanks to the husband’s absence from the house.  I revert to extreme laziness when left alone.  I am partway through Gail Carriger’s Changeless, and managed to read my way through the entirety of Power and Majesty by Tansy Rayner Roberts over the past two days.  It really wasn’t what I expected from the cover – which is a bit delicate and pretty – and it was hearing Tansy read from it at Aussiecon that convinced me to buy it.  Power and Majesty is a seriously intense book, almost ridiculously exciting, with very detailed and unique worldbuilding. While there’s not a cliffhanger ending, there’s so much more of this story to be told – I can’t wait for the sequel.

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