AussieCon 4 – round up

Last weekend I was in Melbourne, staying in my aunt’s apartment in the city, and catching the tram every day to go out to the 68th World Science Fiction Convention (or, because it’s the fourth one held in Australia, AussieCon 4).


  • seeing Catherynne Valente and Seanan McGuire on a panel “in conversation” – they’re both so funny, and it was great to see them chat in person.
  • Ellen Kushner’s performance/reading of Thomas the Rhymer, with several British folk songs.
  • Watching panels with Cory Doctorow, China Mieville, Robert Silverberg & Charles Stross.
  • Seeing Seanan McGuire win the Campbell award at the Hugos and squeak incoherently into the mic when she first got up on stage.
  • Seeing Gail Carriger around the place each day in a different fabulous outfit, and hearing her read from Blameless.
  • Catching the end of the Boxcutters panel on Dr Who, and getting to see Josh Kinal and John Richards (podcast superstars!).
  • Seeing Galactic Suburbia, three fabulous women, recording their live podcast episode.
  • The Hugo Awards in its entirety, with Garth Nix doing a fantastic job as host. And Peter Watts accepting his award in his “Welcome Squid Overlords” t-shirt.
  • Following and contributing to the aus4 hashtag on Twitter.
  • Being around people who felt like my tribe – or one of my tribes, at least. People talking books and sci-fi and generally getting their geek on.
  • Seeing my gorgeous cousins and their son, and have breakfast at The European.
  • Books bought:

  • Power and Majesty by Tansy Rayner Roberts
  • Death Most Definite by Trent Jamieson
  • Guardian of the Dead by Karen Healey
  • Sprawl anthology from Twelfth Planet Press
  • Changeless by Gail Carriger
  • Shadow Bound by Deborah Kalin
  • Bleed by Peter M Ball
  • The Privilege of the Sword by Ellen Kushner
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