Beer Review – Old Leg Over

Well, isn’t this a delightfully romantic little beer? Needless to say, I did not choose this one – and happily, I believe the taste didn’t quite turn out as expected.

The boyfriend comments, “I was slightly disappointed with the tang of lingering aftertaste. The beer was too sweet for me, and almost cidery in piquancy, but I imagine this would appeal to some palates.” In fact, as someone who doesn’t like beer but does enjoy cider, this might have been the beer for me. Pity about the label.

Beer Review – Asahi

I chose this beer for the boyfriend to try – I like moving him outside his beer-comfort-zone, and this very light Japanese beer is pretty far away from dark English ales.

The boyfriend drank this beer after a succession of dark beers, and commented, “Much as I expected, this beer had as much flavour as a severely watered-down fruit cordial. However, it has merit as a refreshing light beer on yet another 40C+ day, but I wouldn’t drink it during the two weeks a year we get of reasonable weather.”

The onset of spring and much warmer days has made the boyfriend, a natural polar bear, a little tense thinking about the coming summer. I am pleased to know that Asahi will be the answer to all his woes come the hotter weather.

A comment by the boyfriend, after re-reading his review. “Yeah, it wasn’t too bad, that beer.” A positive word for the light beer! I am satisfied.

Beer Review – Hobgoblin Strong Dark Ale

How can you resist a beer with the picture of a hobgoblin on it? Made by Wychwood? I’m here to tell you that it’s impossible. I think this beer was chosen mostly because of the label.

The boyfriend says, “This beer is delightfully mischievous. A strong flavoured dark ale, with chocolate undertones, and a punchy aftertaste.” I am enjoying the boyfriend’s creative use of adjectives when it comes to beer, so I shall leave out any censure for that “delightfully mischievous” comment.

Beer Review – Wexford Irish Cream Ale

The boyfriend is a fan of stouts and dark beers, so the sight of any sort of Irish brew is an immediate draw. “Aptly named, the cream factor is unsurpassed. The flavour is mellow, and eminently drinkable.”

I personally like these cans because of the intriguing little metal ball that rolls around in them, mysteriously keeping them foamy, or some such thing.

The boyfriend just interjected to inform me that the little ball is in fact made of plastic. It sounds like metal, clinking against the can.

Beer Review – Abbot Ale

A new, enormously large liquor store has opened up down the road, carrying all sorts of exotic beers. The boyfriend has been experimenting with different flavours, mostly dark beers and stouts from the British Isles.

The boyfriend says, “Abbot Ale is a mahogany coloured, richly flavoured brew. It has a slightly fruity tang, mixed with the punch of fresh hops.” Thank you, boyfriend, for that verbose review 🙂