Beer Review – Asahi

I chose this beer for the boyfriend to try – I like moving him outside his beer-comfort-zone, and this very light Japanese beer is pretty far away from dark English ales.

The boyfriend drank this beer after a succession of dark beers, and commented, “Much as I expected, this beer had as much flavour as a severely watered-down fruit cordial. However, it has merit as a refreshing light beer on yet another 40C+ day, but I wouldn’t drink it during the two weeks a year we get of reasonable weather.”

The onset of spring and much warmer days has made the boyfriend, a natural polar bear, a little tense thinking about the coming summer. I am pleased to know that Asahi will be the answer to all his woes come the hotter weather.

A comment by the boyfriend, after re-reading his review. “Yeah, it wasn’t too bad, that beer.” A positive word for the light beer! I am satisfied.

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