On an island

A few weeks ago, we went boating for my sister in law’s birthday – putting down the Pumicestone Passage and anchoring (ie. beaching the boats, and hurling the anchors onto the sand – does that count as anchoring?) on a little beach on Bribie Island.

There was fishing:

And a grand total catch of one flathead, which was promptly barbecued and eaten. I also made a birthday cake – a Chai Cake with Honey & Ginger Cream. A three layer cake, as ever since making the wedding cake I can’t seem to move away from triple layer cakes for celebrations. It was a nice cake, but it didn’t blow my mind – I thought the honey flavour in the icing was a little strong, and the cake itself was the teensiest bit dry. The chai spices are gorgeous though, and it held up well, despite being transported on a boat and cut on a beach.

The excitement of boating and birthday cake was topped off by the discovery of a horse skeleton.

Isn’t that the most picturesque horse skeleton you ever saw? I presume that there are some wild horses roaming over Bribie Island. It seems more likely than someone galloping romantically down to the shore, having their horse expire under them, and shrugging to themselves, “Oh well – guess I’ll have to walk home.” But I suppose anything’s possible.

2 thoughts on “On an island

  1. CAKE! In the outdoors! On a beach! Hoorah!
    Also, horse skeleton! Cool!
    I vote wild horses. Much more romantic than a kept horse expiring under its rider; though I would hope that the rider remained with the carcass, weeping, wailing and gnashing teeth until the stench of decaying friend drove them (still weeping, wailing etc) away.

  2. Ha! I was picturing a sort of fantasy-novel-gone-wrong scenario, where the author makes horses gallop endlessly all day with little regard to the actual stamina of horses. Horse collapses and nobly dies, rider vaults off with sword in hand and charges onwards, questwards! What quests there are to be found on Bribie Island I have not yet fully considered.

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