Over the fence

Due to some recent rain, we’ve actually got a bit of green grass again – a few weeks ago, this was a dry and brown excuse for a lawn. This is looking over the fence into the back half of the property, which is not-so-pristine bushland. Hopefully it will become a bit more wild under our stewardship.

Autumn morning

A different morning to the previous photo – it was a bit lighter, and I thought I could get some lovely light diffusion through the mist. And while this looks very early in the morning, it was actually about 8.00am, so I got to sleep in and take advantage of the beautiful view.

Misty morning

I love seeing this view every morning. It’s so very peaceful – the sound of the birds, and the distant thumping of kangaroos.

However, it’s really only this mysterious and misty in the cooler months, and I’ve edited it a little to make the green colours pop out a little more.

Port Melbourne skyline

I stayed with my cousin in Melbourne while there to attend my grandmother’s funeral – the day after the funeral was cool and overcast, and with a wind rushing in from the sea. This photo is the view from their apartment balcony.

Front garden

Our front garden, with the upper dam and the landscaping we inherited from our house’s previous owner. We don’t spend enough time out here, due to the fact we can see our neighbour’s house, and it destroys the illusion that we are alone surrounded by tranquil acres bushland. Well, we are surrounded by acres of bushland, but it’s a narrow and long property, with neighbours on either side. The view from our back verandah is uninterrupted by rooftops or fences, so we tend to spend most of our time out there.

Upper dam

The view from the front of our house, during a summer shower of rain. The dams are full, the tanks are overflowing, and the garden is flourishing. Not visible in this photo is the darter who was fishing in the dam. Darters swim with only their curved neck above the surface of the water (which is why they are also known as a snake bird), diving down repeatedly. This one was underwater when I pressed the shutter.

Summer Christmas

I love Christmas in Australia – extremely hot, searing blue skies, and ridiculous decorations everywhere designed for a completely different climate. Witness these reindeer and Christmas tree, part of the decorations being put up along the Queen Street Mall.