Then he changed his mind

Wait, did I say he was passed around contentedly? Well, he was until I held him. I made him very unhappy at first – completely inadequate baby-holding-skills, in his opinion, but once I’d jiggled him around and hummed to him a bit he settled down for a while. Finally, someone who appreciates my vocal skills.

Feet up

We went camping over the June long weekend to Kilkivan – a tiny town up in the hinterlands west of Gympie. Much time was spent around the campfire sheltering from the occasional bout of misty rain, toasting our feet and chatting.


I love the unsuspecting and intimate portraits you can capture with a zoom lens (specifically, in this case, a 200mm). And my brother, looking pensive, and to my fond eyes, sort of like a brooding rock star.


What mum and her partner spent a lot of time doing while they were visiting – looking up in the trees identifying birds. I now have a little list of birds that I know are on the property but that I haven’t personally seen. I’m eager to go out and get myself some binoculars now so that I can spot a scarlet honeyeater myself – they look very pretty in the bird book.


My mother and her partner came to stay with us last weekend. It was lovely to have them – I hadn’t seen mum in a long time, since my wedding last year, and we had moved on to our new property since then. They stayed in the granny flat next to the house, and it was great fun getting to show them around the place.