Hot Dogs

You know how sometimes, you just feel like a hot dog or four? It’s nice when you can cycle down to the shops and get the ingredients to fulfil that craving right away. I never buy hot dogs – they’re not all that readily available as fast food, being much more of an American thing. I have no idea what Americans put in their hot dogs, so perhaps it would be best to term this an Australian hot dog.

So, hop down to the shops and get yourself some frankfurts. May I suggest that you don’t get the super cheap Bi-Lo frankfurts, as we did, because they had a bit of an ikky chemical aftertaste, which hit only after you’d consumed them and they were making the exciting trip through your digestive system.

Once you’ve made the decision on frankfurts, grab some hot dog buns, bacon, onion and cheese, and head home again.

Boil the frankfurts, and while they’re heating, fry the bacon and onion together. Grate some cheese. Slice the buns in half and assemble the hot dogs thus: frankfurt, onion, strip of bacon and grated cheese. Put the assembled hot dogs on a tray and pop them under the grill until the cheese is melted and the bun is crispy. Decorate artistically with swirls of tomato sauce, and eat immediately.

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