Freestyle Dessert Cafe

A few weeks ago a friend and I visited Freestyle Dessert Cafe in Rosalie. I just couldn’t go past visiting somewhere that calls itself a ‘Dessert Cafe’.

We sat outside at a little table in the early spring sunshine, and agonised over the menu for a while, peeking looks at what other people had ordered. Eventually, I decided on a Berry Deluxe Sundae, and R ordered the Chocolate Guinness Cake.

My sundae, pictured above, was perfect. Rasberry and strawberry sorbet, vanilla icecream, berries at the bottom of the glass, marshmallows, and a spear of chocolate. Light, sweet and delicious – perfect for a spring afternoon.

R’s Chocolate Guinness Cake was amazing (although I couldn’t detect any taste of stout). It was a rich, smooth velvety chocolate experience, surrounded with an incredible sauce. It was so rich, she couldn’t finish it, and I helpfully polished it off. It was so good, I think I would order a cake next time, rather than a sundae – I’ve had more amazing icecream, but rarely so excellent a cake.

One thought on “Freestyle Dessert Cafe

  1. I visited a dessert cafe in Wellington, one of the supposedly most yummiest! Although I must say, that cake looks so divine. The cupcake shop was closed, and so I am going tomorrow.

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