Handmade Chocolates

I am completely unable to resist handmade chocolate, and I bought them twice while in Tasmania. The pictured collection was bought at Jam Packed in Hobart, and included some very cute little chocolates.

The snail to the right was filled with chocolate ganache, and was delicious. The curl of a tail towards the bottom of the picture is attached to a caramel mouse. The coffee bean was an espresso flavoured chocolate, which was delicious. The white striped chocolate was a sticky date pudding flavour, which I didn’t like at all – far too metallic and chemically. The chilli chocolate, with the little red chilli on top, I found far too hot. Previously, the only chilli chocolates I’ve had have been pleasantly warm, but this just burnt my mouth – perhaps you have to be more of a chilli lover to enjoy it.

Also in the box is a chocolate with a treble clef on it, which had a whole hazelnut inside, a mudcake truffle, which was just as lovely as it sounds, and finally, a penguin shaped chocolate, which rather stole my heart. You can’t really see it properly in this picture – he’s facing towards the back of the box, but you can see the beginning of his white front and the bulge of his eye. He was filled with mango flavouring, and was delicious.

While these chocolates were gorgeous, I thought they were pretty overpriced. While I was in St Helens, in the north-east of Tasmania, I bought a box of handmade chocolates from Choc-a-Lolly, which were gorgeous, beautifully presented, and very decently priced.

While at Salamanca Markets, we visited a store which sold handmade chocolates and confectionery and bought several things, one of which were Caramel Balls, which we’d been hearing about from Prince Valiant’s sister for months. They were delicious – large round balls of chocolate filled with thick, chewy caramel. We bought a packet home, and the boyfriend polished them off – I was too busy with the remains of my chocolates from Jam Packed to notice.

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