Fruit Salad

Now the weather is becoming rather warm, fruit salad seems the perfect way to end an alfresco lunch or light dinner. Despite the lack of bananas in the shops, there’s lots of other gorgeous fruits which will combine into a delicious salad.

I peeled some oranges and chopped them into small segments. Peeling kiwifruit is a little difficult, I find – I use a potato peeler, and do it over the bin so the excess juice has somewhere to run. (I’m now wondering if you can juice kiwifruit, and what it tastes like.)

Strawberries are easy – hull and chop into nice large chunks. They’re beautiful against the acidic tastes of the oranges and kiwifruit.

I ate this with a beautiful Jalna yoghurt – their biodynamic Bush Honey flavour, which is a delicately scented, thick, honey yoghurt. I was a little confused about the meaning of biodynamic – from their website, I gather that they mean organic principles, and so I wonder why it isn’t marketed as organic yoghurt. I guess it doesn’t meet the criteria? It sounds like it does from their website, though. Puzzling.

3 thoughts on “Fruit Salad

  1. Biodynamic is a ‘step up’ from organic. If something is biodynamic, it is inevitably organic. Biodynamic farming is concerned with the natural rhythms of the land, whereas organic farming is less so. So, many biodynamic farmers will only ever grow certain crops on land that originally naturally grew that crop. Or, cows might be milked at a certain moon stage, as with the natural orders of nature. If you are buying organic meat, for example, they can still feed it organic corn or grains that aren’t natural to the diet of the animal. But biodynamic meat will take that into account. Biodynamic certification is extremely difficult (and expensive) to get and is much more common with dairy and eggs than anything else.

  2. you can indeed juice kiwi – they’re delicious with granny smith apples and lime 🙂

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