Our very first ripe tomato. This photo cunningly disguises the fact that, as I didn’t stake the tomato plants very well, the weight of the fruit caused them to collapse over each other, and when I lifted part of the plant to examine the ripe tomato, it came right off in my hand. Here, I am holding it artistically against the fence to make it look like a ripe tomato in the wild.

I’m quite amazed that we produced any tomatoes at all, let alone any ripe ones. I planted these tomatoes in a fit of madness at the beginning of winter – “Ah, it’s the subtropics, they’ll be fine” – and they actually grew, albeit a little slowly, and then actually fruited, joy of joys. And I was sure that they’d all die off before they ripened, but no! We have gardening victory in the shape of one tomato.

Actually, the stalk of the plant where I broke the top bit off has begun to resprout leaves. Perhaps this warm spring weather will give my tomatoes a second chance. I promise to stake them better this time.

3 thoughts on “Tomato

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  2. Dude. Look, I realise you’re just a spammer, and you’re never going to come back here, but honestly. Why would you comment on the quality of my ingredients on an entry about my home grown tomatoes? Plus, your site isn’t of any use to me – I’m in a different hemisphere.

  3. Oh, you have a food blog! THIS IS AWESOME! Thank you so much for commenting, I love finding new food blogs!Hee. I love how you responded to the spammer.

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