New year

Well, some might consider over a week into the new year a little late to be starting with the resolutions, but I’m doing so anyway – inspired by a variety of things, but most recently Chookooloonks photography blog, I decided to jump on the Project 365 bandwagon.

It’s not too complicated – take at least one photo, every day, for a year. No breaks, no days off. One photo, every day. And along the way, learn more about your camera, take better photos, and other exciting by-products of taking your camera everywhere with you.

So I began today with a photo of my diary for 2008 – a lovely purple soft-covered book, with a page for every day. I’ve been trying to scribble down a few notes about every day on each page, but who knows how long I’ll keep doing that for. I’m pretty terrible at keeping up with new projects, finishing what I start. Project 365, however, is something I’m very determined to do, and hopefully publically declaring my intentions to take a photo every day will help me stick to it.

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