I’m doing Triathlon Pink on the Gold Coast next weekend, an all-women’s triathlon raising money for breast cancer. It’s not a full triathlon – I think I might die if I attempted to do a full triathlon – and there’s three different lengths you can do. I’m doing the longest version – a 300m swim, in a pool, a 9k bike ride and a 3k run.

I’ve been training away, mostly at the gym, and on Wednesday for the first time I did the full distances of everything as a trial run (except I did about 1k in the pool because my training buddy and I were enjoying the swim and thought we’d just keep going). It was all manageable, and I’m sure I’ll be able to handle the real thing without collapsing, as long as I don’t have my gears up too high during the bike leg and tire myself out before the run.

I’m more worried about the whole transition area thing, and forgetting something when leaping on my bike and being disqualified (from a charity race. Yep, I’m good at finding completely pointless things to worry about.) I’m not good at being cool and collected when rushing around in an unfamiliar situation. That’s when I do things like reversing the car into the house – not my greatest moment. (Um, it was a new house – I’m fairly familiar with driving cars.)ย  Anyway, I’ve got over a week to continue to fret about all the things that can go wrong during transition, and figure out a way to get my goggles to stop fogging up.ย  The spit regime isn’t working.

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