Watching, reading

I am watching The Incredible Hulk, without a great deal of attention – partly because it’s not a very good movie, and partly because I much preferred Eric Bana as Hulk. I know most people thought that movie was far too long and faux-arty, but I liked it. I like the origin story more than Bruce and Betty (what names) dashing around the countryside trying to escape the military, who at present appear to be staging a war on what I think is a university campus. Very inconspicuous, guys.

After deciding that AS Byatt’s Possession was too long and too filled with poetry for me to ever read properly (I can be a scatty reader at times), I am now listening to it and enjoying it tremendously. (Although I must confess that every time there’s an entire chapter of epic poetry I have been flicking through them.) It is the perfect book to listen to – filled with rich language, letters, poems and diary entries – I am so fond of epistolary novels. And I am enthralled – do we ever find out the whole story of RH Ash and Christabel LaMotte? Don’t tell me, I don’t want to know. I am a fair way through now – disc 12 of 19 – and listening to Christabel’s French cousin writing in her first journal, about how much she wishes to be a writer, and perhaps a poet like dear Christabel.

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