September Wallpaper

It’s spring!  The last remnants of winter chill are disappearing, and we have had our first night of rain after months of blue skies.  The cats are starting to shed their enormous winter coats, which I’m sure is more comfortable for them but means that I am more likely to look up and see a large tumbleweed of cat hair drifting by.

I’ve made a wallpaper for September, using a photo of one of my yellow grevilleas, which is flowering at the moment, and a calendar for the month.  The thumbnail on the left is a 1280 x 1024 picture, and the one on the right is 1024 x 768.  Click on the thumbnails to see the pictures, then right click to save them and use as wallpaper.  (And if you’re not sure what your screen resolution is, I think that statistically it’s more likely to be 1024 x 768.)

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