To the other side

We were driving home the other night, puttering along watching out for water over the road, and we stopped for a koala – the first I have seen in the wild that hasn’t been an unmoving lump in a high tree. It was pacing across the road and paused as we slowed and stopped, staring at the car’s headlights before speedily moving on, faster than I thought a koala would move across the ground.

When we first moved onto this property, about three years ago, we would hear the grunting noise of koalas in the night – I haven’t heard them since that first month we were here. It’s nice to know there’s still koalas around, even if I don’t happen to hear them. I imagine our neighbours’ dogs have something to do with that.

On this last day of the year, I have been thinking about some of my plans for 2011:

  • Getting chooks – I have been researching the construction of a chook pen. I have a hankering for eggs laid at home.
  • Growing some of my own food, even if it’s limited to some herbs and greens in pots.Ā  I know from experience that any plans for a veggie patch are doomed to failure.
  • Travelling to New Zealand in the winter.
  • Giving more.
  • Getting back into running.
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