Lady pigs

Me: “Those little horses look like they’re dead when they lie down like that. But I don’t think they can be, because there’s always a couple of them lying down whenever we go past.”
Husband: “Would you like a little horse?”
Me: “No – I would like a pig.”
H: “We could get a pig.”
Me: “What would we do with it? Would we eat it? I like bacon.”
H: “No.”
Me: “Well, I don’t know what the point is. You can’t really cuddle a pig, or take it for walks.”
H: “You can cuddle a pig.”
Me: “I’ll leave the pig cuddling to you. I guess you could get a stud pig. And hire it out to people with lady pigs.”
H: “Lady pigs? I don’t think they’re called lady pigs.”1
Me (ignoring the interruption): “And you could advertise – ‘Stud pig – handsome, non-smoker, likes walks on the beach – for impregnating lady pigs. Please call.’ Do you think a stud pig would get frustrated with no lady pigs around?”
H: “I think I would like to end this conversation now.”

1. Sow! Not lady pig. But I think I prefer lady pig.

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