Heading south

We have been relatively unaffected here by the flooding in Brisbane – we live on a different river system, and while it did experience flooding (and we had to take rather convoluted routes home at times due to roads being closed), it did not approach the severity of the flooding in the Brisbane river system. My CBD workplace has been shut for the past few days due to the power being shut off (and potentially the building being flooded, I suppose – I’m not sure how high the river got there). My brother and sister-in-law were stuck for several days in their apartment without power, although they have a kayak and were able to venture out that way.

Me, driving somewhat randomly through the Gold Coast, peering at road signs: “Hmm, I wonder if that suburb is north or south. Do you think we’re heading north?”
Dad: “No, I don’t.”
Me: “Oh, how do you know?”
Dad, sarcastically: “Because we’re on the east coast of Australia, and that’s the sea there on our left. If we keep going this way, we’ll end up in Melbourne.”
Me: “I guess I’d better turn around then.”

It’s raining on and off again today, which I’m sure is adding an extra element of unpleasantness to the flood clean up process. It also means further delay to the construction of Chickendome, my chicken pen. Unless I feel like sitting out in the rain cutting chicken wire, which strangely is not an activity that particularly appeals.

My Lonely Planet book for our planned trip to New Zealand’s south island arrived in the mail yesterday, and I have been happily browsing through it, occasionally coming out with outbursts like, “Glaciers!” and “Seals!”. I enjoy the planning process for holidays. Although I think with this trip it will be a difficult narrowing down what we’re going to do during our 10 days. Maybe we need a little longer.

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