Off the grid

We spent some time off the grid this weekend – staying at a friend’s place, where they live without mains power, hot water, phone lines, or much plumbing (say hello to the long drop dunny). It was nice and relaxing as a guest – after all, I wasn’t the one who had to boil hot water to wash with. I was spending my time playing with the baby. This is the sort of practical and helpful thing that guests ought to do, I think. I also did some lens-swapping – it’s always nice to spend time with another Nikon owner.

“I have discovered that if I whistle and pretend to waltz with the baby, I can hold her attention for at least 4 minutes. Finally, an audience that appreciates my entertaining skills.”

The property is perched on top of a mountain, looking down into a deep valley on three sides. In the mornings, we basked in the sunshine and the almost constant breeze, watching the magpies and goannas enjoying the summer heat and the clouds and mist filling the valley around us.

We also watched the baby, who has almost mastered crawling – she would push herself into Downward Dog position, squeaking with effort, tongue out, and wobble there while we all shouted helpfully, “Move your arms, baby! Your arms!” It hasn’t quite sunk in yet.

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