New to this week’s box of local fruit and vegies were a beetroot, some celery, and a pineapple!


Cat not included. Shortly after this photograph was taken, Horace knocked the pineapple off the bench onto the floor while trying to eat the leaves, was roundly scolded, and went off to sulk on the lounge.

The beetroot and pumpkin are going to be roasted and put into salads, and I’m trying to think of something vaguely inventive to do with the sweet potatoes. I’m still eating last week’s potato and sweet potato soup, which due to using purple sweet potatoes is a slightly unappetising purple/grey colour, and is also so thick that the term “soup” doesn’t really apply. It does taste good though – its saving grace.

3 thoughts on “Pineapple

  1. Sweet potato is excellent in a curry or you could grate it and make up some vegie fritters – grated onion + egg + rice flour + ?? your imagination can run wild! and any left-over cold ones are excellent for lunches.
    xx Mum

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