On the beach

It was fairly overcast when we went across to Stradbroke Island a couple of weeks ago, but there were odd rays of sunshine that broke through the cloud cover. We took advantage of a relatively clear late afternoon, and walked down to sit on some rocks by the beach, drinking red wine and smoking a cigar (in the case of my father). The waves peeled in to the shore, and we watched the fishing boats on the horizon and the clouds slowly moving across the sky.

I hadn’t been to the beach in ages, and spent a while squatting on the sand with my macro lens taking photos of shells. I like taking photos of shells. They don’t move as much as insects, so I don’t have quite as many blurry shots to delete at the end of the day.

We stayed in a little beach house – a townhouse with three levels and little balconies, where you could see a glimpse of the sea. The townhouse next door was full of blokes celerating a buck’s weekend, one of them told us apologetically. “Just, you know, come over and tell us to shut up if we get too noisy.” Crows and kookaburras hung around in the trees outside, eyeing off the barbecue. The blokes next door threw scraps of meat to the kookaburras, and I watched them diving to catch the food in mid-air. We decided they were a group of siblings – three young birds, similar in size.

My brother pointed out a group of whales spouting out to sea – puffs of mist rising from a slightly darker patch of sea. I think it’s the first time I’ve seen whales – if you can call such a small glimpse seeing a whale. I am wondering whether to go on a whale watching cruise while we are in New Zealand next week – I think it would be amazing to get a bit closer, but equally wonder whether a trip would be worth it to get a brief glimpse of a whale tail before it dives again.

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