The game

We watched a bit of rugby while we were in New Zealand, mostly because there always seemed to be a provincial match on TV whenever we turned it on. And I found myself becoming interested in it, despite a lifelong indifference to similar sports. I think it was nationwide enthusiasm for the game, and the general excitement over the world cup. The safety announcement on the flight over was world cup themed. On the news, a bloke being interviewed on the street about the snow storms tugged at his All Blacks jersey and said it would keep him warm.

I entered a very predictable tipping sheet in a workplace competition, and have been watching the games that are showing on free to air tv (which will be mostly just those involving Australia) and keeping an eye on the online commentary for the other games. And Twitter of course, home of many a sarcastic remark during the England v Argentina game. I continue to find a lot of penalty calls confusing, but given that half the time the commentators seem to join me in that confusion, I think that’s probably alright. I attempt to cover up the fact that I have no idea what’s going on by making a disgusted grunting noise and shaking my head a bit, which could be directed at the ref, the other team, the vagaries of fate… I’m sure it’s very convincing. They’ll be asking me to commentate any day now.

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