Week 3

Things I’m enjoying with Edward in week 3:
1. Increasing eye contact, and the way he gazes directly up at me.
2. The heavy relaxed feel of his body when he falls asleep in my arms or on my chest.
3. The way his mouth twitches into an almost-smile when he’s asleep.
4. Watching him kick energetically in the bath, with a look of serious concentration on his face.
5. His happy awake times, lying propped against my knees or in his bouncer, or lying on the bed next to me, staring around at everything, thrashing his arms around enthusiastically.
6. How easy his crying is to soothe with a walk in the carrier.
7. Watching him grow almost every day, developing rolls on his thighs and a little double chin.

Things I’m not enjoying with Edward in week 3:
1. Waking up every 1.5 hours at night (his current routine) ohgodwhenwillitendohgod.
2. The random and occasional crying that I put down to stomach pains – manageable during the day, a bit dreadful at night. Thankfully it doesn’t happen much.
3. When I’m exhausted, and he won’t sit contentedly with me but wants to be on the move. Which means me being on the move, whether I like it or not.

We have a bit of a daily routine now that Edward has settled into a… well, I’m not sure it could be called a pattern, but he mostly does a feed, play, sleep thing during the day. “Play” at this stage is where he’s happily awake. Edward is not what I’d call a placid baby – he will be chirpy and happy in the one place for a certain amount of time, but then his scrunched face and whinging cry will indicate that he would quite like to be somewhere different now. I’ve been trying to do different things with him during his “play” stages – propping him up on my knees in bed so he can admire the sunshine through the window, lying him on a blanket on the grass while I read and chat to him, taking him for a walk in the pram, and doing chores with him strapped in the carrier (an Ergo carrier with a newborn insert, which is the most brilliant thing ever – being able to soothe crying fits by walking him in the carrier is a lifesaver).

I am eagerly anticipating his first smiles and coos, which should happen in week 6 – seeing those indications of happiness and awareness is going to be amazing.

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