100 new recipes: part two

Remember how I declared I had a marvellous project to make 50 new recipes this year? Well, I was making such good progress that I changed my mind and made it 100. So! You’ll find recipes 1 – 9 here, and below are 10 through 17:

10/100: Coffee Braised Beef – adapted from this recipe. I think the chunk of rump I used was not the best cut for this recipe – it wasn’t as melt-in-the-mouth as I would have liked – but I loved the flavour of the coffee with the beef. I increased the coffee to just over a cup and it gave a dark intense flavour to the meat. (I should note the husband wasn’t particularly keen on it.)

11/100: Maple-Brined Pork Chops – from this recipe. I got a bit distracted and left these in the brine for… I don’t know, perhaps 18 hours rather than the 6 in the recipe. They were a bit too salty as a result, however they were wonderfully moist and flavoursome, and this was a very low effort thing to do with meat prior to grilling it. I definitely want to try the brining technique again, perhaps with chicken.

12/100: Braised Cabbage & Ham – from this recipe. The husband declared this very bland, but then admitted that he didn’t like cabbage. I really enjoyed it, so I think it will depend on your fondness for cabbage.

13/100: Cinnamon Buns – from this recipe. These buns were amazing, so soft and buttery and cinnamony and delicious. The recipe is enormous and I would recommend halving it. It also rises nicely overnight in the fridge, ready to be rolled out and baked in the morning.

14/100: Beef & Quinoa Meatballs – from this recipe. This is a nice way of disguising quinoa for anyone who isn’t overly fond of it. They don’t really cling together in order to be rolled into balls – it’s more a method of squodging the mixture together. Very delicious, and a little healthier than your average meatball recipe.

15/100: Sausage & Lentil Soup – adapted from this recipe (and only adapted because we didn’t quite have the right ingredients – I want to try it again and follow it properly). It can be made vegetarian by leaving out the sausage, and I think would still be a lovely soup. As is though, it’s delicious – spicy and filling, although perhaps a bit more suitable for cooler months.

16/100: Wine Braised Leg of Lamb – from this recipe. It’s a really terrible photo I’ve put on Flickr – in fact, probably best not to click that link. It’ll put you off making it. It’s hard to make hunks of meat look attractive in photos taken on an iphone at night. This was good, lovely and garlicky, but definitely not my favourite braising recipe for lamb.

17/100: Beef with Garlic & Pepper – adapted from this recipe. When you’re spending half an hour grinding pepper into a bowl (slight exaggeration), it feels like it’s going to be far too much, and yet it just adds a nice warm depth of flavour. This is a lovely easy meal to make in a wok.

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