10 months

The last two months have been one of the biggest periods of change in Edward’s life, or at least that’s the way it feels. Most significantly to me, language has begun – both more obvious understanding of what we say to him (knowing his name, putting his arms up when we ask, looking around as we describe things to him), and his first words.

Things Iā€™m enjoying at 10 months:
1. The beginning of talking – – mama, dada, burr (for bird), eeee (for three), and apparently “fish” as well, although I’m yet to hear that one. He also clearly understands much more of what we say to him, and he stares at us with such utter concentration when we speak to him. More than ever, I am conscious of this new little person hanging around my feet, focussing intently on everything I say.
2. Watching him quietly look at himself in the mirror behind his toy shelves – gently moving his fingers and watching his reflection do the same.
3. Starting to play “catch” with him – rolling a little ball back and forth, and the way he claps happily after he throws it, sometimes towards us, sometimes off in a random direction.
4. The way he dances (bops around while seated) to any music, or singing, or someone drumming or clapping a rhythm to him. He really seems to take great pleasure in music, which delights us.

Things Iā€™m not enjoying at 10 months:
1. A slight sleep regression. Again. I have almost given up feeling concerned about my sleep and am mostly resigned to rolling with whatever happens each week.
2. His occasional clinginess, when I would rather he play quietly on the floor next to me while I cook or do housework.

I honestly can’t think of any other things I’m not enjoying at the moment – 10 months is pretty fantastic. I’m starting to look forward to Edward’s first birthday now, and perhaps the start of walking.

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