Purple Tiramisu dress

The Tiramisu was my first piece of clothing sewn for myself, my first dress, my first knit and my first go at pockets! I cut it out at home, and sewed it up over the course of three sewing lessons. The instructions that come with the pattern are great – very clear and simple to read. The trickiest parts that I had the most help with were the pockets, and the bottoms of the sleeve bindings where they meet under the arms.

A photo to demonstrate a) my poor selection of thread colours and b) my terrible hemming. I was rushing to hem it and didn’t pin or press, which I think would have helped with the puckering of the fabric.

Doing the little pleated bits under the bodice was fun! I need to adjust the fit a little the next time I make it – the top part of the bodice needs to be a little longer and I need a slightly smaller cup size. I think I’ll make the skirt a teensiest bit longer as well. Overall I’m really pleased with it though – I like the design (the pockets are fantastic), the heavy knit makes it a great winter dress for Brisbane weather, and it’s super comfortable. I love swanning off to work in it thinking “I made this!”. (My inner dialogue is not modest).


One thought on “Purple Tiramisu dress

  1. Yay! Your outer dialogue need not be modest either. Well done, great job, magnificent colour on you and you even hemmed. I mean, hemming knits is totally not necessary… You know, the skirt would have been the teensiest bit longer if you did not hem …
    I am a gleeful bad influence.
    Look forward to future sewing endeavours! More yay!

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