Feet up

We went camping over the June long weekend to Kilkivan – a tiny town up in the hinterlands west of Gympie. Much time was spent around the campfire sheltering from the occasional bout of misty rain, toasting our feet and chatting.

Rolled up

Due to some delicious paid days off, I have been wandering around with the camera taking advantage of the afternoon light, and my never-ending delight in taking macro shots of ordinary things. I like these simple wooden blinds we have on the verandah – they keep off the direct sunlight, and are easy enough to roll up if you to gaze at the view.


I went to my first baby shower on the weekend – the first pregnancy among my contemporaries, really, and a slightly alarming reminder of passing years. The afternoon’s refreshments – pavlova (well, it wouldn’t be an Australian celebration without a pav) and super cute pink and blue cupcakes. I am thinking that I want to have a childhood-style party for my next birthday, just so I can have cupcakes and play Pin the Tail on the Donkey (although for this party it was Pin the Dummy on the Baby).

I joined a cult

Ever since I decided I wanted to buy a hair straightener, I had so many people say earnestly to me, “You Must Get A GHD. It Is The Only Way,” that I decided to obey them. I’ve always been interested in cults, now I get to experience one. And my hair loves me for it.

Day 4 – Lock

The lock on the front door of our house – I tried to take a photo of the handle with my reflection in it, but blurred them.  I’m thinking I should start using the tripod more, even when I don’t think I need it.

Day 3 – Bugger

Yep, that’s how bad I am at resolutions and new projects – it only took two days for me to forget to take a photo!  I thought for a moment that I had snapped one of the kittens on my phone, but alas, it was blurred and I’d deleted it right away.  I think I’ll be a bit less conscientious in future.

Day 2 – Shawl

It is the middle of summer, but I was wearing a sleeveless top, and it looked like rain – hence the shawl draped over the chair in my office, just in case. I did end up putting it over my head on the way to work, as it was drizzling and I’d forgotten my umbrella. (Yep, remembered the shawl but not the umbrella.)

New year

Well, some might consider over a week into the new year a little late to be starting with the resolutions, but I’m doing so anyway – inspired by a variety of things, but most recently Chookooloonks photography blog, I decided to jump on the Project 365 bandwagon.

It’s not too complicated – take at least one photo, every day, for a year. No breaks, no days off. One photo, every day. And along the way, learn more about your camera, take better photos, and other exciting by-products of taking your camera everywhere with you.

So I began today with a photo of my diary for 2008 – a lovely purple soft-covered book, with a page for every day. I’ve been trying to scribble down a few notes about every day on each page, but who knows how long I’ll keep doing that for. I’m pretty terrible at keeping up with new projects, finishing what I start. Project 365, however, is something I’m very determined to do, and hopefully publically declaring my intentions to take a photo every day will help me stick to it.