Sport and baby feet

As the office closed early on Friday, we went and played golf. In hindsight I’m not entirely sure why I agreed to go, as I have very rarely played, and it’s not the most fascinating of games. Thankfully, playing with a bunch of lunatics (ie. my workmates) makes it a little more interesting.

I am not so masochistic as to post a photo of what my golf swing looks like, but in the interest of amusement, I will link to it. I’m not quite sure how my wrist bends like that.

In order to recover from the ordeal of golfing, I went and stole a baby and tickled its feet. Very rejuvenating.

And then after I returned the stolen baby, I thought I’d take a couple of family portraits, while everyone else all leapt around like lunatics trying to coax some smiles out of the subject – with some success.

I think I’m improving at portraiture, although I took way too many shots today trying to get those fleeting smiles – editing down from 600 photos is a lot more painful than snapping them off.

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