Long weekends

We stayed in Stanthorpe over the long weekend, and did a walk in Girraween National Park to Castle Rock – it’s about a 5k return walk, with the most fantastic views up at the top of the rock. It was overcast and freezing, as we were trying to fit our walk before the forecast rain, which helpfully arrived later in the evening. Despite the temperature we got hot while walking and took off our jumpers – we were amused when descending (in our shorts and t-shirts) to see other people beginning the climb in long pants, jumpers, beanies, gloves – it wasn’t that cold. And I was pleased I actually had removed the jumper I’d borrowed from the husband, as it has a pair of mating unicorns on it and I feel a bit self conscious when people give it sideways glances.

“What was James Bond’s number again? Zeros… it has zeros in it. Nine zero zero?”
“Are you kidding?”
“Oh! Double oh seven. I remember now. Well, it does have two zeros in it.”
“Nine zero zero? [in evil Bond villain voice] ‘Come come, Nine Zero Zero – you enjoy killing as much as I do.'”
“If double oh seven is a license to kill, what is nine zero zero’s license? To severely bruise?”
“It’s a license to carry a hammer.”
“Is it a license to carry a concealed hammer?”
“No, not concealed – just out in the open, in a hip holster.”

Apart from walking, we also occupied ourselves visiting wineries and gardens, playing tennis on the derelict grass tennis court where we were staying, and eating enormous amounts of cheese and wheat and sugar. We planned to do a six week cleanse when we returned home, and frankly I think there is no healthier way to start a cleanse than by filling yourself full of crap.

[The husband is in the kitchen of our cabin as the football comes on.]
“I’ll commentate for you, shall I? That was a tackle. That was another tackle. They’ve kicked the ball. Oooh, it just hit someone in the head. Now a Titan has grabbed the ball and fallen out of the field.”
[The TV commentators scream, “What a magnificent try!”]
“Yes, thanks all the same, I think I’ll just come and watch it myself.”

Bee IV

The sun burned through the clouds on our last morning, and I found a bee and played around with my macro lens. I feel I am finally getting the hang of this lens, particularly when there’s plenty of sunshine – it either needs flash or a lot of light if you’re getting really close to something. I love getting so close to a bee, and being able to see all the little tiny hairs on its legs – bees don’t seem particularly bothered by an camera lens following them around. They’re focussed on the task at hand.

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