♠ The instructor moved me up to a 12kg kettlebell at bootcamp this morning before we did about thirty thousand squats. My legs are killing me, in an enjoyable sort of way.

♠ The husband and I are almost two weeks into a six week diet of no wheat, dairy, sugar, alcohol and caffeine. I feel incredibly energetic, and am thinking about making certain aspects of it a permanent dietary change, at least during the week – despite the fact that I seem to be spending a fair bit of time thinking about cheese. And chocolate.

♠ My latest mild addiction to an iPhone game – Mastermind.

♠ Our woodheater might serve as a home for possums for most of the year, but for about two months in winter I am grateful for its help in heating our airy wooden house. The possums are probably less thankful.

♠ After an unfortunate incident with a fox a few weeks ago, I had to go and buy some new chooks for residency in Chickendome. They were older than the first group of chooks, and have started laying already. They haven’t had the run of the garden yet – I’m being much more cautious with letting them out, given that I know there’s hungry foxes around. “The Fox Went Out on a Chilly Night” is off the list of songs to play for a while.

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