Week 5

Things I’m enjoying with Edward in week 5:
1. Smiles! And other happy and joyful expressions. Not really directed at me yet, but the wall, window and other inanimate objects have been treated to delighted grins. It makes such a difference, being able to think, “Ah! He’s really happy right now,” instead of trying to interpret various blank stares.
2. His increasing chubbiness – tiny rolls of fat on his thighs, neck and wrists, and his round chipmunk cheeks.
3. The strength in his legs as he pushes himself up into a standing position when we hold him, eyes opened frantically wide and arms shaking with excitement or effort.
4. The excited wide eyes and frantically kicking legs when his father arrived home while he was in the bath.
5. He can be left in his bouncer or lying on his back for much longer, happily kicking and staring around, making the occasional gurgle and “ah!” noise.

Things I’m not enjoying with Edward in week 5:
1. His sleep is improving, as a general rule, but I never know what he’s going to do – is tonight going to be one where he starts with a good three to four hour sleep, or will he wake up after a mere hour. It makes it difficult to relax and sleep, not knowing what’s ahead for the evening.
2. The way the disposable nappies I put him in at night (and when I run out of clean cloth nappies) leak, and the amount of pee-soaked clothing I have to wash as a result.

I have really noticed a big difference in him this week – the strangely alien newborn we brought home is slowly disappearing, and being replaced by a sturdy, chubby little baby. I love plopping him in his bouncer on the kitchen floor in the late afternoons while I get dinner ready, chatting to him as he gazed around intently.

We’ve now been out on several excursions together – to an ABA meeting, to visit his grandparents, to the library – and it’s been relatively stress free. He enjoys going out, I think, seeing new things, and even riding in the car (after an initial bit of yelling). I feel much more confident, and have moved beyond the stage of spending a lot of the day staring at him – I feel like I can now just go about normal life (well, once I’ve discovered what that is, without full time paid work) and he can accompany me. To an extent. Dependent on his moods, of course!

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