Week 7

Things I’m enjoying with Edward in week 7:
1. His rapidly increasing independence over the last two or three days – he now sits in his bouncer or lies next to me for quite long periods of time, letting me do things like eat lunch unencumbered. Such luxury!
2. Our new nightly routine, which is a feed and a bath just before the husband arrives home from work, which generally results in a happy baby spending a bit of time with his father before bed. They’ve been dancing around to heavy metal, which Edward appears to find very relaxing, as he usually falls asleep in the husband’s arms. The husband thinks it’s the complex rhythyms, I think it’s the similarity to white noise.
3. His rather odd mullet hairstyle, courtesy of the gradually thinning hair he had at birth – the longest bit is still right at the back of his head.
4. Seeing him grip onto a toy for the first time just this minute – by accident, I’m sure, but he appeared to enjoy the experience.
5. Being able to go out for trips with him with minimal fuss – to the grocery store, an ABA meeting, visiting his Nonna & Pop – and watching him enjoy visiting people, looking about at all the different sights and staring intently into different faces.

Things I’m not enjoying with Edward in week 7:
1. Scrubbing pooey nappies – the slimy feel of baby poo under your fingers is a fairly unpleasant sensation.
2. There’s not too many other things I’m not enjoying – his sleeping, I suppose, which is still not ideal, but continues to improve in small ways. I was getting a bit tired of being attached to him all day during the week, but now that he’s so much more independent (comparitively speaking) I’m enjoying the time with him a lot more.

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