I look back at the last thing I wrote here, which was when Edward was 7 weeks old – he’s 11 weeks old tomorrow, and I’m not entirely sure where that time has gone.

Parenthood continues to become more enjoyable with each week. Teddy is such a smiley happy boy, cooing and gurgling away, enjoying listening to stories and pram rides and lying around kicking energetically. In the last couple of weeks he has started, glory of glories, sleeping reasonably well at night. I record the minutiae of the hours spent in his bassinette on the calendar each day, looking back proudly over his progress in the last month, and then when I’m actually conversing with other adults I try and remember that not everyone in my life is quite as interested in how many hours he slept the previous night as I am.

Other than parenting, I sometimes feel that I’m not achieving much with my days. I need projects, as without goals and lists, achieving things during the day is not my forte, particularly when they have to be slotted in around Edward’s brief naps in the baby carrier. My mother has been here visiting and working miracles on the garden, so I am planning (with the my usual good intentions) to include some small regular garden maintenance on my to-do list. [I have also spent about a week occasionally adding a sentence to the above paragraphs – this is the slowest composing of a blog post ever.]

I’m going to a mother’s group next week, which I’m looking forward to – I’m beginning to feel a little isolated, without seeing work colleagues and friends and choir members on aregular basis. A bit of social interaction will be a pleasant addition to the week.

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