With a little trepidation, I started drinking coffee again for the first time in almost a year (I chose not to drink it at all during pregnancy, as I’m better at cold turkey than moderation). The additional caffeine doesn’t seem to have affected Edward’s sleeping in any way, so I take great pleasure in a mug of coffee in the mornings, generally when Edward is having his first nap.

This morning, he had fallen asleep in the carrier (which is still the only way he takes naps during the day), his head resting rather hotly against my chest, and I sat drinking my coffee, listening to some music and watching a Little Pied Cormorant preening in a tree outside after flying up from the dam. The weather has cooled off again after the sweltering 35 degree day we had yesterday, and I felt terribly happy looking out at the new day, with the birds calling outside and my son snorting in his sleep as he snuggled against me.

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