Lack of space

I feel like I only have room in my head for so many thoughts at the moment, and no room at all for writing those thoughts down. My plans for writing diary entries about Teddy so I would remember these early months don’t get fulfilled very often, as if I have time and mental space to sit down and write, I usually spend it doing something else.

I got Smitten Kitchen’s cookbook in the mail this week, and have been dreaming of cooking everything in it – so far I’ve made bacon & maple syrup biscuits, aka scones, which were quite delicious (surprisingly as I didn’t think I’d be a fan of the bacon & maple syrup combination. Bacon, however, conquers all). Later this week, lemon bars. And probably a trip to visit my brother for the purpose of getting rid of some excess baked goods.

I’ve been making no-knead bread for a couple of weeks and have been fiddling with the cooking method a bit to try and get the perfect crust in our oven. I think I need a set of kitchen scales to weigh ingredients, as I get too much variation with my carelessly merry method of filling up cups with flour. Next I’m going to try multigrain loaves and no-knead pizza dough.

I haven’t read anything at all for a few weeks which feels rather odd. And now that I’ve had such a long gap (for me) I don’t know what to start with. I did recently get a book out of the library on getting babies to sleep through MAGIC – no, it was actually getting them to sleep through incredibly rigid routines, so I put it down after reading a few pages. I have now somehow lost it, so hopefully it will turn up soon so I can return it to the library to baffle and irritate some other sleepless parent. I have started reading a webcomic, Questionable Content, from the beginning, which is oh, about 8 years worth of 5-a-week comic strips. I’m a bit addicted. It’s going to take me a while.

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