100 new recipes: part eight

The penultimate update! Only seven recipes to go.

73/100: Herb, Tofu & Kidney Bean Stew – from this recipe. This stew had such a beautiful combination of flavours, although it was an irritatingly fiddly recipe in terms of the steps involved. Freezing, defrosting then baking the tofu makes it wonderfully chewy.

74/100: Brioche – from this recipe. A two day process, with the number of risings, but relatively easy to make otherwise, and deliciously rich and soft.

75/100: Sardine & Breadcrumb Pasta – from this recipe. Lovely fishy pasta, with the bite of capers and crunchy breadcrumbs, and very quick to make.

76/100: Curried Carrot Soup – from this recipe. Warmly spicy soup, and gets the toddler seal of approval when mixed with congee.

77, 78 & 79/100: Roast Chicken, Mushroom & Leek Stuffing and Waldorf Salad – Waldorf salad from this recipe, mushroom and leek stuffing from this recipe, and roast chicken from Joy of Cooking. All three recipes went so well together – juicy roast chicken, rich mushroom stuffing and the crisp salad.

80/100: Congee – from this recipe. It’s barely a recipe – chicken stock and rice – but the slow cooking makes such a delicious rice porridge, perfect for babies.

81/100: Banana Bread with Honey – from this recipe. I replaced the sugar with honey – this was a very banana-y banana bread, very well received by the toddler.

82/100: West African Peanut Soup – from this recipe. A lovely spicy sweet potato soup.

83/100: Late Night Coffee Brined Chicken – from this recipe. I over brined the chicken, and it was a little too salty, but the coffee gave it a really lovely flavour.

84/100: Carrot & Quinoa Cake – from this recipe. I didn’t make the frosting, replaced the cup of sugar with half a cup of honey and soaked the dates in hot water before adding them in. It was delicious – very moist, and I felt the quinoa gave it a nice nutritional boost for the toddler.

85/100: Upside Down Buttermilk Pear Cake – from this recipe. This is such a quick recipe – a really easy batter, and sliced pears and sugar and butter syrup making the upside down topping. Beautiful caramel flavours.

86/100: Pumpkin Chickpea Almond Butter Bars – from this recipe. Another really lovely light cake for the toddler, full of chickpeas, almond butter, pumpkin and eggs.

87/100: Broccoli Salad with Hazelnut Romesco – from this recipe. Smokey romesco sauce goes beautifully over the almost crisp broccoli.

88/100: Beet Pesto Pasta – from this recipe. This was such a pretty recipe! Pretty pink pasta, slightly less pretty when hurled around the place by a toddler during “dinner”, and such lovely earthy flavours, with crunchy bits of pistachio.

89/100: Bloody Mary Burgers – from this recipe. I hadn’t really considered not overworking mince in burgers before, but it apparently makes a difference – these were so juicy, with a nice spicy kick from the sauces.

90/100: Cocoa Banana Bread – from this recipe. Deeply rich chocolate banana bread.

91/100: Herb Roasted Lamb Chops – from this recipe. Essentially a basic herb marinade, but god it was good with the lamb – garlicky and delicious.

92/100: Banana & Sour Cream Pancakes – adapted from from Smitten Kitchen’s cookbook. These are amazingly rich soft pancakes, and the slices of banana caramelise well.

93/100: Piadinas – from this recipe. I’d never made a fried quick bread before, and these were great – very quick and easy to make. (And probably would have cooked more evenly in a better frying pan. I need a cast iron skillet.)

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