100 new recipes: part nine and last

The project is finished! 100 new recipes in a year. It was great fun cooking so many new things, I discovered chefs that I’m now very fond of (Ottolenghi!) and made some completely new-to-me things such as yoghurt. I can’t say I kept up a consistent cooking pace and flagged at some points – my success owes a great deal to Vaxen’s unfailing enthusiasm and sourcing of recipes for me. Thanks Vaxen!

94/100: Stromboli – from this recipe. Basically a rolled pizza and pretty much as awesome as that concept sounds.

95/100: Eggplant Pie – from this recipe. Roasted eggplant is one of the most wonderful things in the world, and this silky cheesy pie is gorgeous.

96/100: Honey Maple Pumpkin Loaf – from this recipe. Lovely moist pumpkin loaf, greeted with toddler approval, during a period when so very few things were.

97/100: Shooters’ Sandwich – from this recipe. This whole concept is awesome. Squashing steaks and a caramelised onion mix inside a cob loaf overnight equals a really delicious sandwich, in wonderfully picnic-friendly slices.

98/100: Espresso Brownies – from this recipe. Very simple recipe makes a rather flat square of subtly coffee flavoured brownies.

99/100: Jamaican Black Cake – from half of this recipe. I didn’t make it as smoothly as a lot of picture you can see online, and it’s yet to be eaten – it smells amazing though (as I have it stored and am topping it up with rum, prior to Christmas Day). I totally stuffed up the burned sugar – it solidified into toffee. Update: post Christmas eating of cake – wonderful! Heady with fruit and rum, and didn’t obviously suffer from lack of burned sugar.

100/100: Cranberry & Pistachio Cookies – adapted from this recipe. I replaced the strawberries with dried cranberries and plums. Lovely buttery little cookies.

Et finis! I had so much fun actually completing a year long project that I’m now thinking about potential cooking projects for 2014, and trying not to settle on anything too excessively ambitious.

(Bonus 101/100 because it seems odd not to count the new recipe I made tonight – Ottolenghi’s Crisp Couscous Cakes from this recipe. These are gorgeous, albeit slightly tricky to keep together in neat little cakes – the perfect balance of crispness and softness, and the salty feta and sweet sultanas (in the case of my slightly amended recipe) worked beautifully together.

2 thoughts on “100 new recipes: part nine and last

  1. Congratulations!! that is a wonderful effort and I have really enjoyed some of the recipes – especially the fantastic salads! I’m interested in the Stromboli but the link is not working …..

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